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Most common device with modern high technology acording to world standards designed for all ammo manufacturers

Bullet Pull Tester

Bullet Pull Tester is device for measuring the force needed for separating bullet from brass. (Photo 1)


Bullet Pull Tester (Photo 1)


-The device has PLC and HMI touchscreen monitor with a software which determines the value of each tested bullet and calculates max/min/mean standard deviation. (Photo 2)

-The report from the screen/monitor can be printed in paper form.

-The device has a shellholder for every type of ammunition.

-Range from .22 to .50 cal ( 12,7 DShK)

-The working speed of the measurement is 100mm/min.

-Total range of the force tester is 600 mm, and maximum force that can be measured with the measure cell is 5000 N.

HMI touchscreen monitor with a software (Photo 2)

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